Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute services are available anywhere oil is found: onshore, offshore or internationally. We train employees on the Louisiana Coast; in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale region; in Midland, Texas; in the Marcellus Shale of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia; and in North Dakota and Wyoming. We also have a campus in Ghana West Africa supporting the oil, gas, mining, and construction industries. Our satellite office is located in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. We can assist in pre-deployment training that is country or company specific, and provide intelligence as to political situations and cultural nuances.

Specialists in Oilfield Safety Training

Ensure that your employees have the training they need to work safely and efficiently in the oilfield industry. Harvard Marine Petroleum Training Institute (HMPTI) offers a wide variety of oil field safety courses and H2S awareness training, including Safe Land USA Orientation and Respiratory Fit Testing (at very competitive rates). We can provide the classes to your personnel on location, saving travel time and per diem related expenses while conducting training under realistic conditions. Click here to read more.