How it Works

HSE On Demand offers monthly client plans providing access to a world class safety support team. Consisting of HSE field support subject matter experts in the Oil and gas Drilling, Production, Fracking, Workover, Support Services, DOT and General Construction fields.

HSE Support System

We provide 24/7 HSE support through our on-call hotline for reporting Incidents, Accidents Spills, or immediate resolution to critical hazards as they arise. Simply call our call center and our trained operator will take your information and route you to the right on call HSE professional that will advise your field supervisor or employee through the incident or hazard notification process and determine an immediate resolution to keep other workers safe. A notification will be sent out to your company’s pre-determined notification list via text and email. Our HSE professional will continue to guide your field supervisor or employee to properly gather information, pictures, supporting documentation such as JSA’s, checklist and rosters an guide them through the investigation process if needed. Once all the information is obtained our HSE professional will complete an incident report and email it your company’s management team and set up a conference call to discuss incident details and lessons learned.

HSE Client APP one of our monthly plans. You will have access to categorized incident notification, Hazard ID, hot work permit, confined space permit, LOTO forms and more. By using our forms format with required fields it decreases incomplete reports filled out by employees. Our submission field ensures that the form is filled out before the work begins and can be reviewed by your safety department and management while the job is in progress not after. Once the forms are submitted emails are automatically sent to pre-determined mailing list including your company’s operations and HSE managers. Our client portal is a share point data base that allows you to upload all of your company’s safety manuals and HSE documentation and assign authorization for sensitive data.

Why It works

HSE On Demand enables clients to monitor their employees’ HSE performance, create accountability, and manage an affective safety program without the costly expense of an inflated HSE staff of field safety employees and consultants. We support and educate your onsite supervisors to manage day-to-day HSE duties effortlessly with our forms and client portal. While insuring your company maintains federal and state compliance by consulting our HSE professionals when you need it.




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